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Intimacy Expert.

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Intuitive Guide.

Transformational Relationship Coach.

Intimacy Expert.

Theresa's Credentials

I am a Certified Trained Coach, CTI, Master Reiki practitioner, and spiritual intuitive guide for true recognition of the soul’s journey. Together, we embrace all aspects of the light and shadow for a fully integrated being.

Certified Trained Coach, CTI 


Shamanic Training Peru, Medicine and intuitive training


Love Coach Academy mentorship program


Academy of Intuitive Medicine

Hai Global, Intimacy, Love and Sexuality workshops


The Intimacy Forum

The Center of Spiritual Health


Master Reiki certification

Over 100 workshops in the field of Tantra, connection, intimacy/sexuality

Theresa's Story

Theresa Vargo Art of Intimacy Somatic Wellness Therapy

For over a decade I have been devoted to my personal evolution. I created Art of Intimacy from the fruits of my healing experience. With upgraded tools, and years of hard personal work under my belt, I became a certified life coach, master reiki practitioner, and intimacy health mentor. I have facilitated workshops in the field of life coaching, love, and spirituality, in esteemed programs and spaces such as 1440 Mulitversity, Hai Global, Love Coach Academy, and many more. 

In my practice I work with couples, individuals, and young mentorship groups, guiding them to achieve the life they envision for themselves. We work with matters of intimacy, sexuality, and personal and professional life endeavors. The support I provide for my clients is rooted in compassionate communication, profound self inquiry, and personal accountability. Metaphysical mapping and awareness also has a significant role in the work we do together. You will be guided and empowered to understand your own energy body, in order to have a mindful and somatic healing experience. 

My life experiences, liberation, and growth have led me to Art of Intimacy. I am honored to share this practice with you. It takes great courage to open new doors and stand in your light. As a coach I am fulfilled by this work, and continuously committed to my education. As a mother, I am proud to provide an example of strength for my daughters. And as a woman in this world, I stand   strong in the knowing that we are all worthy of love. 

Theresa Vargo Intuitive Coach Art of Intimacy Healing Practice
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