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Happy Couple

Healing for Women

It's about falling in love with you. 

Healing your love life starts with healing your heart and finding inner wholeness. The first step is accessing your intuition, physical and spiritual center, and source of self trust and love.

Healing For Women

Relationship Health

Reconnecting with our source of unconditional love.

I teach you to love yourself, trust yourself, and be whole so you can give and receive unconditional love from a place of empowerment. 

Relationshp Health
Senior Man

Healing the Masculine

Return to the power

of your core truth.

The liberation of “Masculine” no longer implying gender roles, opens a space for deep inquiry.

Healing the Masculine

How It Works

Our intimacy is not merely how we interact in our sexual beings, but who we are in our entire Creative Beingness. Our sensuality, sexuality, and capacity for intimacy lay the foundation for so much of how we are, and serve to define what we attract and allow into our lives. To examine at these themes together and think about them in new ways we can begin to transform; co-creating the life you always dreamed about.

I use a somatic approach to healing pain or trauma and get clients out of fight or flight, anxiety, lack of focus, fear and depression. Together we uncover the energy patterns in your body as a roadmap of what can be released to invite more breath and life force.

Our Work May Include

Body-centered therapy and discussion


Uncovering past trauma and negative beliefs


Archetypes of embodiment and role-play

Conscious bodywork and guided meditation


Transpersonal journeying

Deep visualisation work

How I Work
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