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Join us for a 6-week journey

of healing and transformation.

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Learn about your personal power in all your relationships!

This mentorship group is designed for women who want deeper and more loving relationships with themselves and others.


Women who want to cultivate and create big heart openings, find better communication tools, learn integration of healing modalities, and strengthen boundaries. 

Women who want to find more

power and inner strength

to live rich and full lives.


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Women's Mentorship Class

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Weekly Intention Topics

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~ Week 1 ~

~ Week 2 ~

We will put it all on the table. What are your pain points and patterns?

Each participant will have an opportunity to share their story and pain with all of us as their witness. This will be the only class without a time frame but we will have a break. 

In this session we will discuss source energy and spiritual systems. Demonstrating how to connect to a source of energy when in breakdown and distress. We will work with the senses, elements and of course, our mystic team members.

~ Week 3 ~

~ Week 4 ~

We will look at the stories that we are telling about ourselves. This session will help in relieving some of the old stories about who you think you are by diving into the question, who am I now? 

We will have deeper healing break out groups so each of you can have the opportunity to heal a story that has been in residence and has created wounding or trauma.

We will be learning about our boundaries with ourself and others. If you have never had boundaries, this session will talk about how to know when your personal boundaries have been crossed.


We will also learn how to heighten your intuition so you can intercept bad behaviors from others and yourself without abandoning YOU!

~ Week 5 ~

The importance of self worth and self esteem is absolutely critical on the path of healing and personal freedom.


I've saved this one to the end because often it is buried deep within and through the other sessions we will prepare for this conversation and healing. This is the portal to your ultimate freedom.

~ Week 6 ~

This will be a night of celebration and curiousity.


Bring your questions and shares as we close the container and start to ascend to our highest self! 

Come dressed as your alter ego just for fun!

This group will be sworn in and take an oath of confidentiality and show up with authenticity and vulnerability.

There will be no cross-examining anyone's story or pain. 

Reading list will be available.

Check-in group text will also be available during the week for any questions.

Each session starts at 3:30 Hawaiin time. 

Cost for group is $222.

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