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It’s About Falling In Love with You.

Healing your love life starts with healing your heart and finding inner wholeness. The first step is accessing your intuition, physical and spiritual center, and source of self-trust and love.

Many of my clients find themselves stuck at a crossroads. Being disconnected from your center may look like:

Anxiety, depression, or addiction


Can’t find or keep love


Unhappy in a current relationship


Physical illness and imbalance


Unfulfilled needs and sexual desire

Happy Friends

Healing for Women

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Somatic Intelligence as the Gateway to Deep Inner Healing

During the vulnerable time of transformation, I lead you through an empowering process to identify destructive thought patterns and their dramatic outcomes.


Uncovering our darkest shadows often reveals shame, fear, anger, and other damaging vibrations trapped in your muscle structure. In some cases, it can be traced back to your ancestral lineage of many lifetimes. While awakening your natural intuitive power, we will map body trauma and restore natural order to your nervous system with tools like these:

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Heal intimacy blocks


Understand chakra energies


Express whom you want to be around your sexuality


Untangle the body’s relationship to mind and spirit

I call on spiritual guides, tantric archetypes, and divine feminine energy to access love, wisdom, trust, compassion, and empathy. This results in deep and powerful healing in your heart and soul.

Reiki Treatment

Restore Your Natural Life Energy Force

When we identify and clear the negative messages you received growing up, your desires and intimacy needs will reemerge as your natural life energy force.

You will awaken:

Unconditional self-love and self-worth


Emotional intelligence and energetic boundaries


More ease, happiness, and joy


Access to your power and life purpose

These inner resources manifest in your life as:

Lightness in the physical body

An exponential increase in libido and life source


Attracting healthy romantic partners


Great sex every day

Expect huge heart openings and a surge of life force that leads to personal empowerment with all life choices. When you are driven by desire instead of need, the right people and opportunities will be drawn to you. Your newfound life force will flow up and out to all energy points, lighting you up and manifesting into money, jobs, dreams, and relationships you didn’t know were possible.

Find out more about how I work and book your complimentary exploratory session.

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